Thursday Jokes

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Thursday Jokes

Three elderly ladies sit on a park bench.

The first tells her companions, β€œWow, it’s windy today.”

The second responds, β€œNo, it’s Thursday.”

The third says, β€œSo am I. Let’s get a drink.”

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What is Thriday?

That moment when Thursday starts to feel a lot like a Friday.

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A youthful, cheerful woman enters an elevator with an older man.

β€œTGIF!” says the woman with a big smile.

β€œS.h.i.t,” he deadpans as he slowly turns to face her.

Thinking he didn’t hear her, the woman gently repeats β€œT.G.I.F.”

He merely says, β€œS.h.i.t.” as slowly as he can.

β€œT.G.I.F. is for Thank God It’s Friday, Silly!” she exclaims, exasperated.

β€œI know that, but it’s Thursday,” the man responds.

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What is Loki’s least favorite day of the week?

Thor’s Day.

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How was your ear operation?


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What is the busiest day for a chiropractor?

Throwback Thursday.

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What do you call a Thursday that feels a bit off?

Thirst-day, because it’s always craving the weekend.

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What’s the worst thing that can happen on a Friday?

When you realize it’s Thursday.

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