Therapy Jokes

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Therapy Jokes

A pig goes to the doctor with swine flu.

The doctor gives him a leaflet for a therapeutic spa and tells him to go straight there.

When he gets there, he’s instructed to lay in a shallow bath of salt and sugar.

He chuckles to himself and thinks, β€œWhat’s this supposed to do, cure me!”

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Why did the astronaut go to therapy with Uranus?

It had too many emotional craters.

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A man goes to a marriage counselor all by himself.

Confused, the marriage counselor says, β€œThis is quite odd, as usually this works better when both partners attend therapy together. Since you already paid for this session, I guess we will just have to pretend she is here and role play. I’ll be your wife.”

The man instantly stiffens up and looks very nervous.

Counselor: β€œHoney, are you not happy in our marriage?”

Man: β€œI can’t complain about that.”

Counselor: β€œIs it the relations?”

Man: β€œI can’t complain about that either.”

Counselor: β€œWell, is it the way I treat you?”

Man: β€œNope. Definitely can’t complain about that.”

Getting frustrated about the lack of any insight, the counselor breaks character and says, β€œI don’t think this is really going anywhere without your wife present. Why don’t you bring her with you?”

Man: β€œNo, that won’t work at all. It has to be just you and me. No role playing, either.”

Counselor: β€œWell, why is that?”

Man: β€œTo you, I can complain!”

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Where do people in Egypt go for physical therapy?

To the Cairo-practor.

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What do you call a farmer with a physical therapy degree?

A chirotractor.

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What do you get when you send a wolf to therapy?

Aware wolf.

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Why did ChatGPT go to therapy?

It was having trouble processing human emotions.

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Therapy patients are narcissists.

All they do is talk about their own problems.

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Guess what the ship had to go to therapy for?

He was a nervous wreck!

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Why did the donut start going to therapy?

It couldn’t get over the feeling that something was missingβ€”it never felt hole!

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