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Tailor Jokes

Where does a lizard go when it loses its tail?

A tailor.

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I used to work at an orange juice factory but was fired because I couldn’t concentrate.

So I tried my hand at being a lumberjack. I couldn’t hack it, so they gave me the axe.

Then I gave being a barber a go. But I didn’t cut it.

I was then hired as a tailor and found I wasn’t suited for the job.

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Abraham wanted a new suit, so he bought a nice piece of cloth and then tried to locate a tailor.

The first tailor he visited looked at the cloth and measured Abraham, then told him the cloth was not enough to make a suit.

Abraham was unhappy with this opinion and sought another tailor.

This tailor measured Abraham, then measured the cloth, and then smiled and said, β€œThere is enough cloth to make a pair of trousers, a coat and a vest, please come back in a week to take your suit.”

After a week Abraham came to take his new suit, and saw the tailor’s son wearing trousers made of the same cloth.

Perplexed, he asked, β€œJust how could you make a full suit for me and trousers for your son, when the other tailor could not make a suit only?”

β€œIt’s very simple,” replied the tailor, β€œThe other tailor has two sons.”

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My tailor really likes fixing my clothes.

Or sew it seams.

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I told my tailor that I would be choosing and putting on my own clothes for my upcoming wedding.

He said, β€œSuit yourself.”

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I’m going to open a clothing alteration shop that focuses on doing all jobs within an hour.

It will be called, Tailor Swift.

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