Sadness Jokes

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Sadness Jokes

It is the middle of the night and Laura wakes up to find that her husband is out of bed.

She dresses in her robe and goes downstairs to find him sitting in front of a turned off TV, holding a cup of coffee and looking into the distance, lost in some sad thought.

β€œWhat’s the matter, honey?” she asks. β€œWhy the heck are you down here at this hour?”

Her husband looks up at her, β€œDo you remember when we started dating, when you were just 17?”

β€œSure,” she answers, puzzled.

Her husband groaned in sadness, β€œAnd do you remember when your father the sheriff caught us fooling around?”

Wife: β€œYes, of course.”

β€œAnd do you remember how he shoved his shotgun in my face and said β€˜You either marry her or I’ll put you in jail for 20 years!’?”

β€œYea I do, why are you so nostalgic all of a sudden?!” she demanded to know.

The husband wiped a tear from his cheek and said,β€œIt’s just... I would have been out today.”

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A cookie a day keeps the sadness away.

An entire jar of cookies a day brings it back.

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Why are PC gamers always sad?

Because they can’t console each other.

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I was saddened to learn that my cousin was run over by a boat in Venice today.

I sent his family my gondolances.

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I am sad to leave the alpaca alone again.

Spending time with him was fun wool it lasted.

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I’m balding and that makes me sad. But thanks to the miracle of science...

I take antidepressants and now I’m never sad!

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What do you get when you mix a broccoli and a melon?

The saddest vegetable known to manβ€”a melonccoli.

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What did the sad man say to the man at the dessert counter?

Donut kill my vibe!

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Why do many donuts feel sad?

Because they feel really empty inside.

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One day at football practice, the nose was sad.

It was probably because he didn’t get picked.

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Why was the man with the big nose sad?

He could really smell his feet!

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After a prolonged drought when the rain came, all the animals in the forest were happy except the Kangaroo.

When the others asked him what the reason was for such sadness, the Kangaroo revealed that the rain meant that all its kids would now be playing inside.

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