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Robot Jokes

Know whatโ€™s ironic?

A computer asking me if Iโ€™m a robot.

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A man ordered for a voice-automated robot car that does anything he tells it to do correctly without any error.

He got the car and started sending it on errands. He became very proud of what the car could do without mistakes.

One day, he was home and his wife told him to tell the car to go and pick the children from school as she was very tired.

The man agreed and said to the car, โ€œCar, go and bring my children from school.โ€

The car went and didnโ€™t return in time as expected, they knew something must be wrong.

Several hours later and no car, the man became apprehensive.

He dressed up and got ready to lodge a report at the police station.

As he and his wife stepped outside they saw the car coming with an overload of children.

The car parked right in front of them and said, โ€œThese are your children, sir.โ€

In the car were their landladyโ€™s two daughters, their choir mistressโ€™s two sons, his wifeโ€™s best friendโ€™s daughter, their pastorโ€™s son, and their neighborโ€™s two sons.

The wife said angrily, โ€œI demand to know if these are all your children?!โ€

The man asked her calmly, โ€œJust as soon as you tell me why our children arenโ€™t in the car.โ€

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What do you say at a robot funeral?

Rust in peace.

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Chuck Norris can make a robot bleed.

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How do robots exercise?

They do circuit training.

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An engineering student designed a robot that would take his exams for him.

The other designed a robot that could cheat off the first robot.

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How does a robot eat its guacamole?

With micro-chips.

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Why did the robot go on vacation?

He needed to recharge his batteries.

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