Popsicle Jokes

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Popsicle Jokes

What do you call a dad who has fallen through the ice?

A Popsicle.

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My wife is like a delicious strawberry popsicle.

Cold on the inside and 90% artificial.

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What does a popsicle become when it melts?


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I made an orange soda popsicle.

It’s Fanta-stick.

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The boss comes into work carrying a thermos.

His blonde secretary had never seen one before.

β€œWhat’s that thing?” she asks.

β€œOh, this?” he says. β€œIt’s just my thermos. It keeps my hot things hot and my cold things cold. Damn convenient.”

β€œOh wow, that does sound convenient!” she exclaims. β€œI might have to get myself one of those!”

Sure enough, the next morning, when the boss comes in, he notices a brand new thermos on his secretary’s desk.

β€œAh, I see you got yourself a thermos!” he says.

β€œOh yes, sir, I decided I could use something to keep my hot things hot and my cold things cold,” she says radiantly.

β€œNeat-o. So, whatcha got in there?” asks the boss.

β€œTwo popsicles and a cup of coffee.” says the secretary.

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Why can’t astronauts eat popsicles?

In space, no one can hear the ice cream truck.

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Yo mama so poor she waves around a Popsicle and calls it air conditioning.

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