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Pancake Jokes

Knock! Knock!

โ€œWhoโ€™s there?โ€


โ€œWaffle, who?โ€

โ€œWaffle lot of pancakes for breakfast?โ€

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Knock! Knock!

โ€œWhoโ€™s there?โ€


โ€œJuliet, who?โ€

โ€œJuliet pancakes for breakfast.โ€

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A boy was feeling very nervous about his first date, so went to his father for advice.

Father: โ€œMy son, there are three subjects that always work with women: food, family, and philosophy.โ€

The boy picks up his date, and they stare at each other for a long time.

The boyโ€™s nervousness builds, but he then asks, โ€œDo you like potato pancakes?โ€

โ€œNo,โ€ comes the answer, and the silence returns like a suffocating blanket.

Boy: โ€œDo you have a brother?โ€

Girl: โ€œNo.โ€

After giving it some thought, the boy plays his last card, โ€œIf you had a brother, would he like potato pancakes?โ€

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Went to a pancake restaurant, and asked if my dinner would be long.

The waiter replied, โ€œNo, sir, round.โ€

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If anyone else makes a bad joke about โ€˜tossingโ€™ on Pancake Day...

...I will batter them!

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I dreamed last night that I was making pancakes whilst driving along a twisty road.

I tossed and turned all night.

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Psychiatrist: โ€œWhat brought you here?โ€

Patient: โ€œMy wife sent me here because I like pancakes.โ€

Psychiatrist: โ€œThereโ€™s nothing wrong with that, I like pancakes, too.โ€

Patient: โ€œExcellent! Come to my place, I have seven suitcases full of them!โ€

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My wife makes my pancakes too thin.

Tomorrow morning, I am telling her I am sick of her crรชpe.

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A man returns to the U.S. from Africa feeling very ill.

He goes to see his doctor, and is immediately rushed to the hospital, to undergo a barrage of extensive tests.

The man wakes up after the tests in a private room at the hospital, and the phone by his bed rings.

โ€œThis is your doctor. Weโ€™ve had the results back from your tests, and weโ€™ve found you have an extremely nasty flu virus, which is extremely contagious!โ€

โ€œOh my gosh!โ€ cries the man. Heโ€™s in a panic now. โ€œWhat are you going to do, doctor?โ€

โ€œWell, weโ€™re going to put you on a diet of pancakes and pita bread.โ€

โ€œWill that cure me?โ€ asked the man, hopefully.

The doctor replied, โ€œWell, no, but... itโ€™s the only food we can get under the door.โ€

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A Mormon mother was preparing pancakes for her sonsโ€”Owen, 5, and Bill, 3.

The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake.

Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson.

If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, โ€œLet my brother have the first pancake. I can wait.โ€

Owen turned to his younger brother and said, โ€œBill, you be Jesus.โ€

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Yo mama so fat, she sweats butter and syrup, and has a full time job at Dennyโ€™s wiping pancakes across her forehead.

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What do the New York Yankees and pancakes have in common?

They both need a good batter!

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What do neckbeards put on their pancakes?


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There are three moles at the bottom of their mole hole.

The first moleโ€”daddy moleโ€”wakes up, climbs to the top, sticks his nose out, and says, โ€œMmmmm... I smell bacon!โ€

Mommy mole wakes up. She climbs to the top, sticks her nose out, and says, โ€œMmmmm... I smell pancakes!โ€

Baby mole wakes up. He climbs up but gets stuck behind his mom and dad.

He takes a big whiff and says, โ€œAll I can smell is molasses!โ€

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