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Hike Jokes

On our hike yesterday, my partner wouldn’t let me take home any volcanic rocks.

And to be honest, I’m still a little basalty over it.

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Why did the quarterback suddenly walk off the field?

The coach told him to take a hike.

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A lost hiker is on one side of a raging river when he sees a Buddhist monk on the other side.

There are no bridges. He has no boat.

He shouts out to the monk on the opposite bank, β€œHow do I get to the other side?”

The Buddhist monk shouts back, β€œYou are on the other side!”

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A Scottish man visits Canada for the first time. He goes for a hike and sees a moose.

He asks the park ranger, β€œOi! What animal is that then?”

β€œThat’s a moose,” the ranger replied.

β€œA moose!” exclaimed the Scotsman. β€œIf that there’s a moose, dear laddie, ye must have rats the size of elephants then!”

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An engineer, a scientist, a mathematician, and a philosopher are hiking through the hills of Scotland, when they see a lone black sheep in a field.

The engineer says, β€œWhat do you know, it looks like the sheep around here are black.”

The scientist looks at him skeptically and replies, β€œWell, at least SOME of them are.”

The mathematician considers this for a moment and replies, β€œWell, at least ONE of them is.”

Then the philosopher turns to them and says, β€œWell, at least ON ONE SIDE.”

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My father asked me how my last hike went.

I told him, β€œIt had its ups and downs.”

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Guess what kind of hike I went on today?

I hiked my pants.

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