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Gym Jokes

Why did the bodybuilder read the dictionary?

He was trying to learn how to define muscle.

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There’s a great new machine at my gym.

I felt sick after I’d used it for an hour, but it’s got everything: Doritos, Snickers, Mountain Dew...

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What do you call someone who’s really into stationary biking?

A cyclepath.

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I said to the gym teacher, β€œCan you teach me to do the splits?”

He said, β€œHow flexible are you?”

I said, β€œI can’t make Tuesdays.”

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I just saw real, a real idiot at the gym.

He put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

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I’ve been going to the gym for five years now, and I still don’t have abs.

It sucks being the cleaner.

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I go to the gym religiously.

About twice a year, around holidays.

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I’m like a ninja at the gym.

Because you’ll never see me there.

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I don’t hate leg day.

It’s the two days after I can’t stand.

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It’s been six months since I joined the gym, and still no progress!

I’m going there in-person tomorrow to see what’s going on.

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While I was at the gym, I decided to hop on a treadmill.

People started giving me weird looks, so I started jogging instead.

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I joined a gym and said to the trainer, β€œI want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?”

He said, β€œTry the ATM outside.”

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I went to the gym to work out, and a group of buff guys walked past me and called me a fat loser.

Technically, they were right, because I lost a lot of fat.

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The gym instructor broke up with his girlfriend, guess what happened?

It didn’t work out.

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What does the gym instructor say after having loads of desserts?

β€œI donut care anymore.”

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