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Flower Jokes

Why do blue flowers grow so well?

They have a natural love for Azure.

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What types of plants do you get after you plant kisses?


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I got my Mom a scratchcard for Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t resist scratching it off myself. And would you believe it, it was a $10,000 winner!

I’m sure she’ll like the flowers.

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What’s Harry Styles’ favorite type of flower?


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God initially planned to use wasps to pollinate flowers.

But in the end, he went with plan Bee.

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My wife complains that I don’t buy her flowers.

To be honest, I didn’t know she sold flowers.

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β€œI’m sorry,” said the clerk in flower shop, β€œwe don’t have potted geraniums... Could you use African violets instead?”

Replied the customer sadly, β€œNo, it was geraniums my wife told me to water while she was gone.”

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The wife has just phoned me to tell me that 3 women in her office have received flowers today and they are absolutely gorgeous.

I said, β€œThat’s probably why!”

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A man gives flowers to everyone in his family.

To his wife he gives roses.

To his parents he gives orchids.

To his daughters he gives daisies.

And to his sons he gives sunflowers.

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What did the flower say when her son went off to college?

β€œI be-leaf in you.”

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What does the youngest flower child say?

β€œLast bud not least!”

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Did you hear about the lazy flower who finally got his act together?

He just needed a kick in the bud.

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It’s so hot even the artificial flowers are dying.

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What did the alien say to the flower bed?

Take me to your weeder!

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