Father’s Day Jokes

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Father’s Day Jokes

Everyone keeps wishing a happy Father’s Day to “The best dad in the world”.

I’m flattered. But I hope everyone wishes their own dad a happy Father’s Day as well.

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For Father’s Day, my wife gave me a rear facing camera for my car.

I haven’t looked back since.

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For Father’s Day, my wife and kid made me breakfast in bed.

I’d have preferred they made it in the kitchen, but it’s the thought that counts.

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When is Father’s Day?

Nine months after Father’s Night.

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Father’s Day at school, and all the students are supposed to make cards by drawing a picture of their father at work.

Teacher asks, “Logan, what does your father do?”

“My dad is a cop. I’m gonna draw him catching a bad guy.”

Then the teacher asks, “Briei, what does your father do?”

Briei says, “My dad is a writer. I’m going to draw him with his new book.”

Teacher gets to Jake, “And what does your father do, Jake?”

Jake says, “My dad is dead.”

“Oh my,” teacher says. “What did your father do before he died?”

Jake: “He turned blue and pooped on the floor.”

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Father’s Day was near when I brought my son to the card store. Inside, I showed him the cards for dads and told him to pick one.

When I looked back, my son was picking up one card after another, opening them up, and quickly shoving them back into slots, every which way.

“Son, what are you doing?” I asked. “Haven’t you found a nice card for daddy yet?”

“No,” he replied. “I’m looking for one with money in it.”

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My kids are buying me gifts for Father’s Day.

I hope I can afford it.

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What did dad say when he got a universal remote for Father’s Day?

This changes everything!

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