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Elevator Jokes

Today I started an argument with my wife while riding in an elevator.

I was wrong on so many levels.

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A haggard old lady rides in a fancy hotelโ€™s elevator.

On the second floor, a beautiful woman steps on and arrogantly says to the old lady, โ€œGiorgio, $100 an ounce.โ€

On the next floor, an equally beautiful woman steps on and says, โ€œChanel, $150 an ounce.โ€

The old ladyโ€™s floor approaches and as the doors open, she bends over, farts and says, โ€œBroccoli, 49 cents a pound.โ€

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I was staying at a hotel.

Some people took the stairs to their rooms, and some took the elevator.

Right then I realized everyone was raised differently.

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Two drunk guys walk into a hotel.

Skippering one word after another, they finally manage to make themselves understood by the girl at the reception.

โ€œSo you want the cheapest double room we have, right? The only free one is on the 100th floor, but the elevator is broken.โ€

The two guys, in order not to spend the night sleeping on a bench, load their luggage and leave for the staircase.

Since one hundred floors, drunk and with heavy bags is a really tough challenge, they decide to tell a joke every five floors.

When they reach the fiftieth floor, one of them starts laughing.

โ€œWhat happened? Have you remembered a very good joke?โ€ asks the first.

โ€œThis joke is just so hilarious! Actually, itโ€™s so good that Iโ€™ll save it for later!โ€ answers the second guy.

When they reach the 75th floor, the same guy bursts laughing even harder.

โ€œAre you okay? Are you still thinking about that joke from earlier?โ€ asks worried the first.

โ€œYeah, but this one is soooooo good, Iโ€™ll save it for when we finish,โ€ answers the other guy.

Finally, exhausted and tired, they reach the 100th floor.

Panting, the first boy asks, โ€œSo, what is this joke that has tormented you so much?โ€

Still breathless, the other replies, โ€œHey, do you remember the girl who was at the reception? Here, we left before she gave us the keys.โ€

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Your mama so short she gotta use an elevator to go up each step.

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