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Dragon Jokes

A tourist driving across rural England decided to stay the night in a small town.

The only place with rooms available was a quaint English pub β€œThe George and Dragon” which had a lovingly painted sign with a Knight beside a defeated dragon blowing in the evening breeze.

Entering the barroom, which while empty had a roaring fire against the back wall, leather-padded booths, and a mahogany bar with brass rails, polished to a shine, they went up to the bar and asked for a room.

β€œRooms cost Β£20 per night, we don’t accept euros, and you must be out by 7am tomorrow, or else you pay for both days.”

β€œAlright then, could I get something to eat, ma?”

β€œThe kitchen closed at 6, and I am not going back there until 11am tomorrow, no matter what you say. Anything else?”

β€œYes, could I please talk to George?”

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What did the dragon say to the bad employee?

You’re fired.

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I’d hate to be a dragon.

I’d get so angry trying to blow out my birthday candles.

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What do dragons like with their soup?


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My dragon is asleep.

He’s now dragoff.

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What do you call a dragon with no wings?


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A man throws a dollar coin into a wishing well and a genie pops out.

The genie tells him, β€œYou have thrown the largest money value into this well since it has been built. You may have one wish.”

β€œI want a dragon.”

β€œAre you sure? That’s pretty big, and would probably give me away. Anything else?”

β€œI want to learn how to fold a fitted sheet.”

β€œWhat color dragon do you want?”

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Why did the dragon cross the road?

He wanted to eat some chicken.

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How can you tell a boy dragon from a girl dragon?


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If Daenerys from Game of Thrones married Khal Moro instead of Khal Drogo, guess what she would’ve named her biggest dragon?


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Two dragons walk into a bar.

The first one says, β€œIt sure is hot in here.”

His friend snaps back, β€œShut your mouth!”

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