Dance Jokes

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Dance Jokes

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?

The turkey trot.

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Why did the broken leg go to school?

It wanted to learn how to breakdance.

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I did that ancestry DNA thing, and it came back that I was 20% American Indian.

It makes sense because after I went to prom it rained for 2 weeks.

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What’s Uranus’ favorite party trick?

Its gas giant dance moves.

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Why do Puerto Ricans make great detectives?

Because they never miss a beat.

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What do Michael Jackson and USA have in common?

They both desperately wanted to be white. And the last great thing they did was a moon walk.

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I don’t believe in hitting my children as punishment.

So I teach them Fortnite dances and send them to school so that other kids can beat them instead.

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Brought nachos to salsa class.

Huge misunderstanding.

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A man with a wooden eye is at a dance.

During a slow dance, he can’t find a partner to dance with him.

He sees from the opposite side of the dance floor a girl with a large nose.

Seeing that she is also without a dance partner, he makes his move.

He approaches her and is frank with her, asking, β€œWould you dance with me?”

Filled with excitement, she yells, β€œWould I!”

Without missing a beat, the man retorts, β€œBIG NOSE BIG NOSE BIG NOSE!!!”

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Why did the fungi leave the party?

There wasn’t mush-room for dancing.

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Brunette Mary and blonde Liz were talking in the office one day.

Mary: β€œWow, that is some cold you have, Liz.”

Liz: β€œTell me about it. I just cannot get rid of it.”

Mary: β€œTry some Cold-Doc 3. I have a bottle on my desk. Just take 3 tablespoons before you go to bed and you’ll be fine. Here ya go.”

Liz: β€œThanks, I’ll give it a try.”

The next day Liz was standing by her desk jumping up and down, waving her arms in the air, and kicking her legs out.

Mary: β€œLiz, It is nice to see you are feeling better. Is that a new dance?”

Liz: β€œOh No, I still don’t feel that great. I took the medicine you gave me and just realized it said to shake well before using.”

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What dance do all astronauts know?

The moonwalk.

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β€œSomebody just gave me a shower radio.”

β€œDo you really want music in the shower?”

β€œI guess there’s no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.”

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Why don’t dogs make good dancers?

Because they have two left feet.

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