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Cracker Jokes

What’s a dragon’s favorite snack?


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What do dragons like with their soup?


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Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

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I hosted an amazing party. We had tons of cheese, but ran out of crackers.

It was cracka-lackin

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What is the difference between a cookie and a cracker.

Cookies don’t care if you pull down a civil war statue.

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Someone once asked me, β€œDo you want a graham cracker?”

I said, β€œFirst off, please don’t call me that... And second off, a gram of what?”

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I what is a crackers weight measured in?

In grahams.

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I was hungry and bought a box of animal crackers today.

The box said β€œWARNING: Do not eat if the seal is broken”.

I then opened it up, and every type of animal was in 1 piece, save for a single cracker at the bottom of the box...

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What do you call a Goldfish cracker laced with Coke?

The snack that’s also crack.

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An elephant and an ape go to a party together. They want to bring some snacks: crackers and dips.

Which of them buys the crackers?

The elephant. Because the ape always buys the dip.

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β€œGot any crackers?” asked the duck of the bartender.

The bartender replies, β€œNo, get out of here!”

The duck returns after a few minutes and asks, β€œGot any crackers?”

The bartender yells, β€œNo! If you ask me again, I’m gonna nail your beak shut!”

The duck returns in a half hour, β€œGot anyΒ nails?”

Bartender: β€œNO! Get out of here!”

Duck: β€œGot any crackers?”

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What’s Christ’s favorite cheesy cracker?


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