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Chess Jokes

Why do British people love playing chess?

Coz no-one can kill their Queen.

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Why was Michael Jackson bad at chess?

He couldn’t decide if he was black or white.

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Saudi Arabia banned chess, calling it a dangerous game.

The Queen doesn’t wear a burkha.

The Queen roams freely wherever she wants to.

The Queen is more powerful than the King.

The Queen goes alone to opponent’s territory.

Most importantly, there’s only one Queen.

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Why is chess just like real life?

The king can only take a step at a time and the queen can do as she pleases.

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I bought a chessboard cake from the baker’s today.

I took one bite and said, β€œIt’s stale, mate.”

He seemed surprised and said, β€œNo, mate.”

I handed it to him and said, β€œCheck mate.”

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I really love playing chess with elderly people in the park.

It’s just really hard to find thirty-two of them willing to do it.

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I went to lunch with a champion chess player.

It took him 8 minutes to pass me the salt.

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I’ve got a new job at the chess factory.

I’m on knights next week.

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Not to brag, but I defeated our local chess champion in less than five moves.

Finally, my high school karate lessons paid off.

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