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Cheese Jokes

What did the mom cheese tell the little boy cheese when he got hurt on his bike?

β€œGotta take the gouda with the bad.”

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What is a pianist’s favorite cheese?


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I accidentally got anti aging cream on my block of cheddar.

I’ve now got milk all over the kitchen top.

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Why was the burger sad?

Because he had the blue cheese.

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What do you call cheese that is sad?

Blue cheese.

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The blue cheese thought he was the king.

But he was just a cheesy guy.

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What did the blue cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


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Why was the blue mold fired from the cheese factory?

Because it was too blue.

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I was driving down the road today when I say a sign for fresh Amish cheese that read, β€œMade with real Amish milk.”

I didn’t even know you could milk the Amish.

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I wanted to make nachos, but my dad took the cheese.

He claimed it wasn’t mine.

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TIL the inventor of Nachos was a notorious cheese thief.

His friends often remarked, β€œHey, that’s not yo cheese.”

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A young French boy comes home with a wheel of cheese that he found.

His mother says, β€œMerci! Where did you find this Brillat-Savarin?”

The boy says, β€œNo mommy, it’s nacho cheese.”

His mother says, β€œAre you sure? It says Brillat-Savarin on the label.”

β€œI know,” says the boy, β€œbut when I found it, I heard a voice yell at me and say, β€˜Hey, that’s nacho cheese!’”

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Why did the dog pour nacho cheese over people’s feet?

He wanted Dori-toes.

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When my fiancee told me that the dip on the table was nacho cheese, I asked her where my cheese was.

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What did the nachos say to the cheese?

We were meant to bean.

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My friend told me he hated blue cheese because it’s literally just cheese with bacteria.

I told him to stop discriminating against other cultures.

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What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

Nacho cheese.

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A detective walks into a party and asks the party goers, β€œDo you guys have any nacho cheese?”

The party goers respond, β€œNo dip, Sherlock.”

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What is the moon’s favorite type of cheese?

Moon-zerella cheese!

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Which type of cheese do racehorses like best?


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What did parmesan say when it broke up with mozzarella?

β€œI’m sorry, I’m too mature for you.”

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What did Shakespeare say as he was making a cheese plate?

To brie.. or not to brie...

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Patty was quietly minding her own business, eating her soup alone in her booth at a local eatery, when a voice startled her from behind.

It was the guy in the booth behind her.

β€œNot so loud!” he said.

β€œWhat?” she questioned, as she took another spoonful of soup.

β€œI said not so loud!” was his muffled reply.

Embarrassed at being told she was slurping her soup, she pushed away her bowl and started her grilled cheese sandwich.

β€œHow was your day?” questioned the man from behind once again.

β€œPretty good,” responded Patty, confused that this stranger would care.

β€œDid you pass the exam?” came the next question from behind.

β€œI don’t know, I didn’t get my grade yet,” replied a thoroughly bewildered Patty.

β€œI’ll have to call you back when I’m out of here”, came the voice from behind once again, β€œsome nut job is answering every question I ask you!”

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A blonde enters a library.

She goes to the counter and says, β€œI’ll like a cheeseburger, fries and a cola.”

The librarian says, β€œMa’am this is a library.”

So the blonde leans in and whispers, β€œI’d like a cheeseburger, fries and a cola.”

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I hate when I’m on the treadmill and my hand accidentally hits the stop button and I have to get off and eat a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich.

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Age is important only if you’re cheese and wine.

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I bought my blind friend a cheese grater for his birthday.

A week later, he told me it was the most violent book he ever read.

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It is my first time in court and I heard the judge shouting, β€œOrder!”

So I replied, β€œFried chicken, mac and cheese, and cola.”

Now I’m being escorted out by two officers. I think we are going to a restaurant.

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