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Bunny Jokes

How does the Easter Bunny stay healthy?

Eggsercise, particularly hareobics!

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Who is the Easter Bunny’s favorite movie actor?

Rabbit De Niro.

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What do you call a chilly dog sitting on bunny?

A Cold dog on a bun.

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What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a millionaire?

A bunny with money.

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The father was telling his son a bedtime story.

Father: β€œOnce upon a time there was a white bunny...”

Son: β€œJeez, dad it’s boring, what about science fiction?”

β€œOk, Ok,” said the father. β€œOnce upon a time there was a bunny who got onto a spacecraft and...”

Son: β€œDad, a little more grown up!”

β€œDo you promise me not to tell your mom?” asked the father.

Son: β€œI swear!”

Father: β€œOk. Once upon a time there was a naked bunny...”

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What do you call a chocolate Easter Bunny that was out in the sun too long?

A runny bunny.

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What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs Bunny.

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Public Service Announcement:

β€œIf you get a new baby bunny for Easter, it is not laying little brown chocolate eggs”

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Scientists experimented on a rabbit and a bug, guess what they get?

A bugs bunny.

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At the mall, my five-year-old grandson joined the other children in line waiting to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap.

When it was his turn, Jake didn’t move, he just stared.

β€œDon’t you want to sit on the bunny’s lap?”, I asked.

β€œNo!”, he shouted. β€œThere’s a man in his mouth!”

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