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Breakfast Jokes

What does Alexa like to eat for breakfast?


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It’s so hot, that you could actually cook a full English breakfast on my forehead.

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I went to a church men’s campout a few years back. Everyone was sitting around the fire cooking breakfast.

Joe, an old-time rancher, starts cooking some homemade sausage.

A few minutes go by, then someone asks, β€œHey Joe, what kind of sausage is that? It smells good.”

β€œTo which Joe replies, β€œChocolate sausage.”

This gets everyone’s attention.

When the sausage finished cooking, Joe offers a piece to anyone who wanted to try it.

A few of the guys take a cut and eat it, then get confused looks on their faces.

The same guy asks Joe again, β€œThis doesn’t taste any different than normal sausage. Chocolate?..”

Still waking up, Joe clears his throat and says, β€œThe horse was named Chocolate.”

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On the moon they love a fancy breakfast, today they are having crescents!

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What do prisoners in Denver County lockup eat for breakfast?

Jail-y Donuts.

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Personally, I think you should start the day off with a meal of French mushrooms... breakfast of champignons.

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A married couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

They celebrate it in the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 50 years ago.

The next morning at breakfast the man says to his wife, β€œIsn’t it unbelievable that we have been together for 50 years?”

The wife replies saying, β€œYes it is, we are even sitting at the same table as we did 50 years ago, only back then we were sitting here without clothes,” with a naughty voice.

Both don’t doubt for a moment and they take off their clothes. They sit back down at the table giggling.

The wife says, β€œYou know honey, even my mamillae are just as hot as 50 years ago.”

β€œNo wonder,” the man replies, β€œone of them is hanging in your tea and the other one in your soup!”

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Yo mama’s appetite is so huge even after eating an elephant for breakfast she demanded a whale as dessert.

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